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Designer Products Direct is a global leader when it comes to sourcing and importing wholesale artificial plants, greenery and landscape products. 

We use our expertise to deliver high quality lifestyle items to key markets ranging from the United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, all the way to Australia.

Our focus on garden and home decor, plus our relationships with China wholesale silk manufacturers allow us to deliver an import solution for business owners around the globe that delivers high quality products consumers want with tangible results.

With us, you can start importing and selling goods within days from reliable, high quality and trusted key suppliers.

Leading global brands trust us

Advantages of Importing with us

No expensive intermediary or agent fees that take away your margins. Wholesale home and garden decor at the best price guaranteed.

Flexible trading options with mixed-loadings and low minimum order quantity. Ensuring you are able to grow at your own pace.

We speak English, breaking down the barriers in finding reputable and trusted manufacturers for artificial plants, home and garden decor in China.

How importing with us works

Sign up to our Wholesale Application online. If approved, you’ll gain access to our Wholesale portal.

Explore our wide range of wholesale artificial plants, silk flowers and green walls. Add items to your wishlist.

Submit your quote and our team will liaise with key manufacturers on your behalf in China and abroad.

If you accept the no obligation quote, you’ll be able to track your goods at each stage of the process.

We use reputable home and garden decor suppliers you can trust and rely on

The global marketplace presents many opportunities, along with suppliers that are less genuine.

Unfortunately, not every home and decor manufacturer or China wholesale silk manufacturer has your best interests at heart.

You may find (like we did) that factories will make several claims about their products, quality, costs and delivery. We as a global reseller of these goods have been taken advantage of before.

Our mission is to help other business owners connect with reputable suppliers in China 

By connecting you to these suppliers, we are able to grow our network globally. That ensures we can continue to invest in research and development to improve the offering we give to our customers and in return, to you too as an importer.

Our global presence

Our global network gives us the leverage and advantage to deliver high quality products direct from key suppliers at the best prices.

Our network allows us to import goods direct from China and the Asia region to key markets including:

As a trusted importer and wholesaler, our network continues to expand and grow as we evolve.

ISO Certified Quality Standards and then some for your peace of mind

We are not interested in selling cheap products that don’t last.

We know that as a business your customers want products that will meet reliability and safety requirements.

All our products are 100% ROHS compliant. That means they do not contain chemicals or hazard materials which pose a risk to humans.

As a global leader we work with manufacturers who meet our strict quality standards including independent audits from TUV Rheinland and SGS.

In addition, due to the nature of our business – we are able to invest in additional measures to ensure manufacturers in China and in Asia satisfy labour, workplace health and safety, social responsibility and reliability controls you would expect.

Real Imports equals Real results

Our range is second to none

There’s a reason we lead this space, and it comes down to the time and money we spend into research and development.

Working with key manufactuers in China and abroad we are able to lead the way with innovative products in the artificial greenery and home and decor space.

Unlike other importer services out there, we don’t charge you fees for products we have already sourced. And we also have a genuine interest in improving the quality of the products we sell and import to you direct from the manufacturer.

UV Resistant Artificial Green Wall Disk Plant imported from China

UV Resistant Artificial Plants

Fire Tested Green Walls & Plants

100% Recycled Artificial UV Plants from China import

100% Recycled Artificial Greenery

Silk Flowers Wholesale pink flower imported from China

High Quality silk flowers and trees

Potential Savings can range from 30-50% on your margins by partnering with us

DPD help you save on importing costs and unexpected expenses

When you are new to the game of importing, many companies and factories will take advantage of you.

We have experienced it ourselves in the decade we have been in business. We know what it’s like to be ripped off when it comes to custom duties, shipping expenses such as air and container shipments. And we have felt and seen the hardship felt by business owners when they find out their goods are of lower quality, or they are not dealing with the manufacturer.

In many cases we have seen with our clients, you could save thousands of dollars with your importing by using our services.

That’s because we know what to look out for when it comes to importing lifestyle and home and garden goods into key markets. We also understand these markets as we serve them.

Our experience gives you the best chance of success.

Fill in our wholesale application today

We have already sourced a wide range of high quality home and lifestyle products waiting for you to buy.

Direct from the manufacturer and not another third-party, you can start earning more of the margins of your products and enjoy the benefit of our experience in this key market.

As a member you can add items to your wish list based on our current range or ask us about custom sourcing solutions for new goods and services.

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