Sound healing uses the power of sound waves to send good vibes

Matt Omo, founder of OMO SOUND JOURNEYS is a leader in the sound healing movement in Australia.

With an open heart and beautiful soul, Matt has gained great praise for his work in the sound healing space. Using the power of good vibrations to add positive energy to a body, he has over 15 years experience in using sound techniques. 

Matt Omo sound healing australia - sound healer

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is an ancient healing modality. It can be traced back thousands of years to the Egyptians, Aborigines, Native Americans, Shamans, and through many traditions around the world. Some could argue that sound is actual the source of creation ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ – John 1:1

Sound healers use the power of music, in the physiological, mental, social and spiritual sense. Those part of the healing session will either stop and listen to the music or participate within the session through singing and chanting. There are a number of methods used based on the needs of an individual or group of people.

How does sound healing work?

The healing power of sound and its techniques comes from the sound frequencies itself. 

In meditation, when you stop to breathe you are trying to reach a state of relaxation or balance. This sends a positive message to our brain. Similarly, sound healers like Matt Omo will use rhythm and frequency to send waves through our brain. This helps to balance our inner self and mind. A stable frequency that cannot be achieved by listening to music alone.

For those new to sound healing, there’s a great introduction to sound video here.

Benefits of sound healing

Throughout history, many people have discovered the benefits of sound therapy and healing.

Although, some skeptics have emerged, there’s no denying that the movement leaves people in a relaxed state. And that the power of sound proves to change people’s perspective and emotions in their life.

Sound healing is said to help improve:

  • Psychological and behavioural disorders such as autism, post traumatic stress disorder and depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Pain
  • Drive creativity
  • Concentration
  • Imbalance
  • Stronger immunity
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling of relaxation

Expectations of a sound healing experience:

  • Heightened awareness of state and mind
  • Deep meditation
  • Stops over-thinking
  • Feel the present, the now
  • Spiritual feeling or connection


“Matt has an incredible guidance and an intuition, which is coupled with a humanness and understanding that cuts through the waa waa we usually associate with spirituality and spiritual processes. It makes it real, and raw. The results aren’t arguable when they land in your life and start to take affect. ”

-Caroline Pemberton

Matt Omo - Sound healer

Matt’s defiant nature as a child not only gained him a permanent seat in the principals office and some hard learned lessons, but was also the fuel that burnt down the picket fence surrounding his narrow-minded middle American way of life to becoming a respected spiritual teacher, master sound healer, visionary and co-owner of Be Still & Chill Health and Wellness Centre in the heart of Sydney’s Northern beaches.

Matt prided himself on not fitting in until significant life changing events inspired a soul-searching journey around the world. Through this journey Matt embraced wisdom through meditation, yoga, ancient cultures, sound healing, breathwork, volunteer work and spiritual healing. He holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Diploma of Sound Healing, Cert. Kundalini Yoga Instructor, And Reiki Master. Matt integrates all his healing wisdom in a unique sound-healing journey he created called, Soul Vibing.e.

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